Whats With PDRM and Walther?

KUALA LUMPUR: I know many high ranking cops, current and recently retired, carry their personal Walther PPK as their duty and off-duty hand gun. So it was no surprise to me when I was told that the police concluded a deal to purchase some 20,000 Walther P99 the current Bond gun, to replace their old S&W revolvers.

But did the fascination with the original Bond gun (actually it was Walther PP but a typo in the first Bond movie created the PPK legend) led to the selection of the P99? I have no idea but after remembering the aura of the PPK with the police top brass made me wonder, whether it turn the decision for the Germany based arms manufacturer.

I am asking this question because the police also purchased some 2,000 SigSauer SP2022. The P99 are meant for the general duty personnel while the Sigs are going to be used by the UTK and other special units.

I know we need to replace the wheelguns but very soon the police will have several handguns in its inventory with a long chain of spare parts and training. With funds already scarce why are we doing this? The police already have Glocks, Steyrs and High Powers in their inventory..

Since the Glocks and Steyrs were only introduce within the last five years, why couldnt they just buy more of the same pistols so training and spare parts funds could be better utilised?

Why or why?

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  1. I played around with a Walther PPK at IPK when I was a Police Cadet back in 1992-94.

    Marhalim: The PPK is a dangerous little thing if carried cocked, but a pistol for the PDRM big wigs….

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