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A RMN ScanEagle UAV on its launcher. RMN

SHAH ALAM: IT appears that Skuadron 601 Scan Eagles UAS are already operating at RMN Stesen LIMA – Pulau Layang-Layang – located in the Gugusan Peninjau Semarang, the Malaysian name for the Spratly Islands in the South China Sea.

The UAS are supporting Eks Angsa 14/23 – the trilateral Malaysian Armed Forces exercise – which started on August 1. RMN in a social post on August 7 stated that RMN Chief Admiral TS Rahman Ayob visited Stesen LIMA to see the Scan Eagles in action.

RMN Chief Admiral TS Rahman Ayob (right) watching a Skuadron 601 personnel preparing a Scan Eagle UAV for launch. RMN

Eyes in the sky.
Intel, Surveillance, Reconnaisance (ISR). Inilah peranan signifikan tim
@601Uasdalam menyokong #EksANGSA 14/23. Panglima Tentera Laut berkesempatan menyaksikan tugasan kru Skn 601 yg kini berkhidmat di Stesen LIMA TLDM.

RMN Chief Admiral TS Rahman Ayob posed with Skuadron 601 and Stesen LIMA personnel,

On July 12, Malaysian Defence reported that the Eperolehan website on July 11 published a quotation notice (QN) for the rental services of assets to deploy the Scan Eagle UAS and related equipment from the Kota Kinabalu naval base to RMN Stesen Lima. Another QN was published on July 14 for the same service.
RMN Chief Admiral TS Rahman Ayob walking to the launch site after a visit to the Scan Eagle UAS control rooms.

A third QN for the same service on July 15 while both the earlier ones was subsequently cancelled. A check with Eperolehan on August 7 revealed that the third QN was awarded to Shin Matu Sdn Bhd with a contract worth RM274,980.
RMN Chief Admiral TS Rahman Ayob leaving the launch site. Note the launcher and catcher in the background.

Based on the RMN social media posting, it is likely that the Scan Eagles and support equipment were sent to Stesen LIMA late last month. What ever it is we now know that Shin Matu had delivered the UAS and its support equipment to Stesen LIMA without any incident.

— Malaysian Defence

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