Not Really A Good Idea

SHAH ALAM: Just saw the headline “Police, Army in Neighbourhood Patrol” in the Star online.
Sounds like a good idea isnt it? Of course it sounds good. But I sincerely hope some one in the Army had the tenacity to ensure that soldiers involved in this type of patrol have been trained extensively on the use of force, lethal or non-lethal.
Otherwise we may see a soldier and the Army, being sued for damages for causing injuries or even worse for causing the death or murder of the people they are supposed to protect. I do’nt want even want to think about allegations of abuse of power and graft!

Since even the police only received minimal training on the the use of force, lethal or otherwise, we have to be ready for the worse….

From The Star...
Published: Saturday October 15, 2011 MYT 6:22:00 PM
Updated: Saturday October 15, 2011 MYT 7:14:23 PM
Police, army in neighbourhood watch to combat crime

PETALING JAYA: The police and Armed Forces are joining forces to wage war against crime in a joint patrol’ pilot programme at selected neighbourhoods around the country.

–Malaysian Defence

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Shah Alam


  1. Army patrols in KLIA is one thing, joint patrols with the PDRM in our reets is another thing altogether!!!! Is this a tacit admission by our government that the crime rate is so bad that the army has to help patrol our streets, like in Brazil – off course not. This is probably the bad idea of some ”smart” politican or a bored bereaucrat. Hopefully the opposition will actually act like an opposition, an will question this move rather than just objecting to everything for the sake of doing so.

  2. Shows that we have too many army, not enough police (or rather not enough police on the beat).

  3. the ideas come from the stupid one.and aggreed by the stupid one too .the soldier’s have a lot of work to do not only just to take care of your house and ‘jamban’

  4. The ideas are “no brainer”. Probably from some politicians who really have no idea what is police or armed forces tasks are. Oh, I forgot, ISA is gonna abolish so why not put the army to replace it. This kind of idea if implemented may put our country in a marshal law. Why not just allow every citizen to own a gun for protection. That’s a basic human right especially protection from the authority. 1Malaysia Down d’Drain.

  5. According to the same report, prior to the Army being put to help in the patrolling, they have attended a course.Hopefully its about law and use of force.But from the pictures, it is shown that the army is actually a red cap or one of those Military police. They are in fact the police of the armed forces

    In Aug, an MP with the rank of Sgt was shot and killed while trying to rob a cybercafe in Sg Buloh. His colleague, another MP was also shot in the incident but survived. As luck have it, two policemen were in the cybercafe passing time when the two soldiers came in. The soldier who was shot dead raised his pistol when confronted by the policemen and was gunned down with two shots hitting him. His shot missed. The Glock he used in the robbery was taken from the Sg Buloh guard house armoury. He had only two or three rounds in the magazine, which was probably kept by him for “other uses” during previous live training exercise.

  6. Furthermore,KLIA is patrolled by the police and not the armed forces. The police contingent patrolling all the airports are the general operations force or better know as the police field force during the emergency days. Now instead of fighting the communists they are put to use protecting the main ports against smugglers and international terrorism.

  7. This is a blatant attempt, albeit a cunning one by those in power to ‘blur’ the lines between our police and army which in a democracy is purposely made distinct and separate. In a Westminster type democracy a police force is always a civilian force establish to protect the citizenry while the army is to protect the nation from external threats. ‘blurring” the lines under the guise of blue ocean strategy is very dangerous and may be misused by the govt of the day to execute illegal acts against the general public and must be opposed by all.

    I dont think they are that clever lah bro. They just want to fill the NKRA numbers only…

  8. YM LEE,

    The army has in the past conducted patrols in KLIA. Similarly at Heathrow and Changi, patrols have been conducted by Paras, Ghurhkas and NS men, to supplement the police………..

  9. Re: “Why not just allow every citizen to own a gun for protection?” – Azlan.

    Just think of all the money corrupt officials could make on the import, sale and regulation of firearms. The paperwork that will take months to process. The fees and taxes. This is an idea that the government might actually go for. Another chance to rip off the people.

  10. A very bad idea from some politician i think…

    Why dont they just leave Malaysian Armed Forces alone? So they can be deployed for more training or at least more community services.. but not neighbourhood patrol. As we read in our dailies, more and more foreigners coming to malaysia illegally. Just give more power to MAF to control our borders..

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