The FUN FAIR’s back!!

Yes, its back, I mean the Langkawi Aerospace and Maritime Exhibition. (the fun fair renark is an exact quote from a late Menteri Besar Press Secretary)
Next week (June 26) is the date for the re-launch of the LIMA aerospace by DPM.
Does the emergence of World Aerospace meant the end of Le Proton Lima, the organiser of Lima since 1991.
With all the bad press about Le Proton, it is wonder why it took so long to get a new organiser for the show. The maritime segment remained under HW Lima, however.
The re-branding of Lima Aerospace also placed next year’s Lima on the calendar. So far no one has come out loud to say that Lima 2007 is on. It wasnt that way during Lima 2005. Gone was the customary billboard “See you in the next Lima. Perhaps they got the budget in RM9
Any how, who is going to take over the aerospace former organiser debts? Will they just get away this time around?
Maybe it will be the start of another multi-million ringgit lawsuit by the wannabe-Italian playboy cum failed contractor.
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