Accident Board Set Up To Investigate Collision

A Super Lynx hovering above Tunda Satu, a tug boat operated by RMN as part of a demonstration at the open day on December 29. KD Laksamana Tun Pusmah (137) could be seen on the left. This picture was likely taken before the collision. RMN

SHAH ALAM: The RMN has set up an accident board to investigate the collision between a Fast Interceptor Craft (FIC) and corvette KD Laksamana Tun Pusmah (137), at the Western Fleet open day on December 29. According to a release by the Western Fleet command that during an interception demonstration involving two boats, a RMN FIC lost control and collided with the corvette which was anchored to the jetty.

The collision caused a two-meter-wide gash on Laksamana Tun Pusmah port hull while the FIC suffered a crush bow. No casualties were recorded due to the incident. A board of investigation has been set up to identify the cause of the collision. RMN release of the incident:

Ketika melaksanakan demonstrasi manuvra bagi memintas bot mencurigakan di jeti Pangkalan TLDM Lumut sempena Hari Terbuka Armada 2022 (HTA22), sebuah Bot Tempur TLDM telah hilang kawalan dan terlanggar KD LAKSAMANA TAN PUSMAH. Insiden tersebut telah mengakibatkan badan kapal KD LAKSAMANA TAN PUSMAH terkoyak sepanjang 2 x 1m dan Bot Tempur kemek di bahagian haluan. Tiada kemalangan jiwa atau kecederaan akibat insiden ini. Insiden juga tidak menjejaskan perjalanan HTA22 yang akan diteruskan mengikut atur cara yang telah ditetapkan.
Lembaga Siasatan telah ditubuhkan bagi mengenal pasti punca sebenar kejadian

RHIB likely operated by Paskal conducting a demonstration at the RMN Western Fleet open day on December 29. One could barely make the stern of KD Laksamana Tun Pusmah, CB90 boats and KD Laksamana Tun Jamil (135). RMN

A video footage of the collision was widely circulated shortly after the incident. The footage showed that the FIC losing control after it entered the wake of the boat in front, it was chasing during the demonstration. The FIC then slammed into the hull of Laksamana Tun Pusmah on its port side as it was moored on the inner jetty of the RMN Lumut base. A picture of the two-metre gash showed the piping inside the hull.
KD Laksamana Tan Pusmah at LIMA 19. Zaq Sayuti.

The incident demonstrated the reason RMN re-hull Laksamana Tun Pusmah’s sister ship, KD Laksamana Muhammad Amin. RMN had originally planned to retire the Laksamana class altogether when the LMS class were commissioned. That is not possible now with the delays with the LCS project.

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  1. Hopefully this minor incident would attract more attention on the dire need of TLDM for newer vessels.

  2. Zak MR ,

    What makes you think that this incident could have been averted if it was a newer ship? Accidents can happen irrespective of the age of a ship. Whatever the reason it’s a black mark on the CO’s career. I know someone [an older schoolmate] who was the CO of da Kedah [his first command]. A minor collision lead to the deep freezing of his career. Whether it’s a case of running aground or a collision; the CO takes full responsibility even if he’s not directly at fault.

  3. Memalukan especially it was put up for show to everyone since it was an open day. Had they thoroughly practiced for the skit? Otherwise they would known that merging into the wake of another boat could lead to loss of control.

  4. Personally, the base area for the demonstration is too tight for a such powerful boat to maneuver. On the rehearsal day, I noticed that the FIC came in fast and need to come to a halt when turning out in order not to hit the Gagah Samudera. In the actual demonstration, these boats were going at a slow pace but accidents still happen. Some commented that since it’s a control area, the sea does not have an effect on this late afternoon performance but I was told the tide does make things difficult for them. Even the anchored tugboat used in the demonstration got pushed sideways and headed out to the sea. In the same demonstration on the second day, the wind was so strong the Super Lynx have to cancel the fast rope segment. Perhaps at certain times, things are saved by the quick decision of the operators themselves.

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