Competition for AW139 full flight simulator

An AW139 FFS. Thales

SHAH ALAM: The Procurement Division of the Home Ministry has issued a tender to procure an AW139 full flight simulator – Level D – to be operated at the training complex of the police Air Wing in Ipoh. An FFS is extensively used for pilot training and certification.

The training complex – located adjacent to the Sultan Azlan Shah Airport – is undergoing an extensive modernisation with the building of new facilities. The new facilities include a simulator wing which featured an AS355N Ecureuil 2 helicopter used as a flight training device. The FTD is like the one used by RMAF at its Kolej Tentera Udara in Alor Star to train recruits and new pilots in operating helicopters.

The FTD operated at Pengkalan Latihan PGU at Ipoh, Perak. KDN picture.

The FTD was made public on April 5 during a visit by Home Ministry officials to the training base to inspect the additional facilities completed and future upgrades. As usual no explanation of the FTD was made in the social media post of the visit. There was no mention of the full flight simulator and other upgrades as well.
Thales FFS AW239 simulator. Thales

The tender for the FFS was published on April 8 and closes on June 8. The estimated price of the FFS which include support and training is some RM89.2 million. The building to house the simulator will be built under a separate tender to be issued by the Public Works Department. An internet search shows that the cost of a new AW139 – civilian specifications – is US$11.2 million or some RM54 million.
Inside the AW139 FFS by Thales.

Among the specifications for the FFS are:

This Full Flight Simulator (FFS) is for the use of Government Agency Pilot which is cost effective and reduce the risk. It produces realistic training, competency and enhance pilot skills and knowledge. The FFS will simulate all the emergencies related to actual aircraft.

This Specification is for a Phase 7 or above FFS Level D representing PDRM’s AgustaWestland AW139 helicopter registration 9M-PME. This statement is deemed mandatory requirement.

This FFS will be located at Pangkalan Latihan Pasukan Gerakan Udara (PLPGU) PDRM Ipoh, Perak. This statement is deemed mandatory requirement.

The tenderer shall provide a proposal of delivery schedule for AW139 FFS Level D. The delivery schedule must be less than 24 months from the date of the Letter of Award (LOA). The proposal of the delivery schedule must consider the PMR, TIT, PDI and FAT as mentioned is Section B Para 33. Estimated time to complete the simulator building is 24 months. If the simulator building and facility are not completed on time, the tenderer shall keep (safekeeping) the simulator at no additional cost to the government.

PDRM Air Wing AW139 9M-PMC taken in Mar. 2017.

The PDRM air wing currently operates five AW139s though six were procured in 2015/2016. The sixth aircraft – 9M-PMC – crashed in Tawau in February 2020.
RMN AW139 HOM M503-2. Picture taken in 2023. RMN

Apart from the PDRM other government users of the AW139 include MMEA (two) – one crashed recently – and Bomba with two helicopters. The RMN also flies three AW139s. The Prime Minister’s Department operates a single AW139 – serial number 9M-PMD – which is likely based at the police Air Wing headquarters at the Subang airport.
The AW139 FFS operated by PWNE Excellence. Leonardo photo.

It must be stated that two FFS for the AW139 are already operated by PWNE Excellence Sdn Bhd at the Subang Skypark, Selangor. The FFS operated PWNE Excellence are the CAE 3000 series flight simulators.

There is no word yet on the five light helicopters to be procured under the 2024 budget as announced by PMX last October. I was told the process to tender the project is ongoing.

* Updated to fix that the budget is for simulator, support and training alone. The building for the simulator will be built via another tender process by the PWD.

— Malaysian Defence

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  1. Can this PDRM focused FFS facility be used for other services using this same AW139 chopper (TLDM et al)? If this can be shared I think its worth to do so.

  2. It would be good to streamline our various chopper requirements;
    A109 – battlefield support & recon
    AW139 – light utility & rescue chopper
    Blackhawk – medium utility, ASW, general purpose
    EC725 – upper medium duty, CSAR

    This would also save on cost of getting & maintaining a limited FFS facility than having too many various ones.

  3. yup..with one of the requirements being the provider has done/built the same aw139 FFS level D (certified). To my knowledge, i think only around 4 companies that actually had done it

  4. There is no word yet on the five light helicopters to be procured under the 2024 budget as announced by PMX last October. I was told the process to tender the project is ongoing.

    Now increase to more than 20- direct nego

  5. @ Shy

    So now the light helicopter tender is changed from 5 to more than 20 helicopters, with the tender now changed to direct nego?

    Right now the PDRM fleet of light helicopters is less than 10 AS355 Twin Écureuil’s. The new requirement will more than double the PDRM light helicopter fleet.

    Along with the additional requirements of 7 King Airs, Unit Udara PDRM will probably be the 2nd largest government air fleet behind TUDM.

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