Racing Pistols For Army Shooting Team

Two Malaysian soldiers at an Australian shooting competition in 2018, The two are using Glocks and Steyr AUGs as their weapons. Commonwealth Australia.

SHAH ALAM: Racing pistols for Army shooting team. The Army is getting 30 9mm racing pistols for the – Malaysian Army Shooting Team – though it is unknown what type of handgun is being bought. The tender only specified 9mm high performance match grade semi automatic pistols and its numbers, so we will not know the actual pistols until we see them with the shooting team. The title of tender do indicate that they wanted racing pistols, like the RMN which specified the exact type and versions of the pistols to be bought from the start.

Tanfoglio Limited Custom pistol procured for RMN Eastern Fleet shooting team.

Although we don’t know the type, the contract itself was awarded to Elite Arms and Equipment Sdn Bhd, a licensed gun dealer based in Petaling Jaya. The contract (tendered on June 28 and closed on July 5) awarded was RM211,800.

Army Chief Gen Zamrose Mohd Zain shooting a pistol during a match for Army officers. The pistol looked very similar to a Tanfoglio 9mm Limited Custom. Tentera Darat

Anyhow the contract for the RMN tender was awarded to Nestari Resources though no contract price was given.

Army officers shooting Glock pistols during a handgun shooting match in late 2020. Tentera Darat

Apart from the Army shooting team, some of the pistols will also be delivered to Electrical and Mechanical Engineer (EME) Directorate; Science and Technology Research Institute for Defence (STRIDE). and the 10th Bde(Para) HQ.

Armed Forces chief taking part in a pistol shooting match in late 2020. Tentera Darat.

It is interesting to note that the racing pistols for the Army are likely to be used in IPSC competition, local and overseas, once such travel is allowed of course.

Soldiers from the Republic of Fiji Military Forces draw their pistols, Glocks, during the Australian Army Skills at Arms Meeting 2019 held in Puckapunyal, Victoria. Commonwealth Australia

Army shooting competition including overseas one usually permits the use of service weapons only including pistols even if they used IPSC style circuits for the matches.

Two Malaysian soldiers at an Australian shooting competition in 2018, The two – likely from the Malaysian Army Shooting Team – are using Glocks and Steyr AUGs as their secondary and primary, weapons. Commonwealth Australia.

For the record, the Army shooting team also got 12 high performance 9mm pistols in 2018 though the type was not revealed.

— Malaysian Defence

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