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KUALA LUMPUR: The Bv206 and BvS10 articulated all-terrain vehicles have been setting the standard for mobility in the toughest of terrain for 40 years. BAE Systems has now introduced a new version of this esteemed vehicle, with both civilian and military applications.

BAE Systems Hägglunds has produced around 12,000 of the Bv206 and the larger BvS10 articulated vehicles for 40 countries, and most still remain in service today. Both types have proven time and again their ability to deliver troops and materiel across challenging terrain that hinders other vehicles, and have done so under combat conditions.

The Malaysian Army operates the BV206 as a Weapon Locating System, equipped with the Arthur radar.

The Beowulf all-terrain vehicle can traverse through water, swamps, snow and soft sand; and climb 45-degree slopes.
The Beowulf all-terrain vehicle can traverse through water, swamps, snow and soft sand; and climb 45-degree slopes.

BAE Systems has introduced an even more capable version of the vehicle with increased mobility, range, and payload, filling a gap in the military vehicle fleet: the BvS10 Beowulf, a successor to the Bv206. Based on BvS10 technology, the Beowulf has been developed by the experienced team at BAE Systems Hägglunds as an affordable all-terrain tracked vehicle with applications in both civilian and military sectors.

While retaining the legendary mobility of the previous versions, the BvS10 Beowulf adds greater payload capacity. This translates into the ability to move heavier cargoes and the ability to configure the vehicle for a wider range of special roles, in combination with significantly increased speed, range and comfort.

In designing the Beowulf, the team focused on broadening the vehicle’s flexibility so that it can meet future requirements. The vehicle can be adapted to a wide range of functions, including the ability to meet ever-increasing power requirements for electronic systems such as command and control equipment, as well as the ability to add protection systems for different roles.

Based on battle-proven BvS10 driveline technologies, the Beowulf has been engineered to provide improved durability, reliability and high system availability. It is has also been designed for ease of maintenance with low life-cycle costs. The Beowulf is highly mobile on land, and has full swim capability, making it truly an amphibious vehicle.

Beowulf has been created to meet the challenges of any role or environment that requires a highly-mobile, amphibious vehicle system. This not only applies to military roles, but also to the civilian and other government markets, where such vehicles are in demand for emergency response, mining, logging support, exploration, and many other applications that require the unique capabilities of an articulated all-terrain vehicle.

— Malaysian Defence

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