PLAAF Demo Team With New Fighter Jets Bound For LIMA 23

August 1st J-10C 07. Internet

SHAH ALAM: China’s PLAAF August 1st Air Demo Team will be flying the J-10C fighter jet – the latest variant of the supersonic aircraft at LIMA 23 show in Langkawi, next week. This will be the second time August 1st is taking part in the LIMA series, the first one was in 2015.

Based on the report by China Daily, posted below, this is the first overseas show undertaken by August 1st since transitioning to the C variant. It flew the A and S variants at LIMA 2015.

August 1st J-10C 02. Internet

From China Daily

The August 1st Air Demonstration Team, China’s best-known aerobatic team, has been equipped with J-10C fighter jets and will fly their new planes at a coming exhibition in Malaysia, according to the spokesman for the People’s Liberation Army Air Force.

Senior Colonel Xie Peng said on Tuesday that the J-10C is the seventh generation of aircraft used by August 1st pilots. The stunt team is scheduled to use the new jets during a performance at the Langkawi International Maritime and Aerospace Exhibition from May 23 to 27, he added.

Before the J-10C, the August 1st team used the J-10A and J-10S, the twin-seat trainer version of the J-10A. The team has been flying the J-10A and J-10S since 2009.

Like its predecessors in the J-10 family, the J-10C is a supersonic, multipurpose fighter jet developed and built by State-owned aircraft giant Aviation Industry Corp of China. The jet is capable of maintaining short- and medium-range air supremacy and striking ground or sea targets, according to the Air Force.

The J-10C was first shown to the public at a massive parade in July 2017 and started being used for combat patrol duty in April 2018.

It has a smaller radar signature and stronger operational capability than the J-10A or J-10B. compared with its predecessors, the model is more streamlined, lighter and harder to detect, and uses a more powerful engine.

In addition, the jet has an upgraded version of China’s active phased array radar, so it has better detection and multitargeting capability.

The J-10C also has been armed with the country’s newest air-to-air missiles, which have longer ranges.

August 1st was founded in 1962 as the Chinese military’s first air display team and was named after the PLA’s founding date. The elite unit has performed at nearly 660 air shows at home and abroad.

August 1st J-10C 02. Internet

Apart from the August 1st, Indonesian Air Force’s Jupiter Team; South Korean Air Force Black Eagles, Russian Knights from Russia; and the Al Fursan UAE air display team are also scheduled to perform at LIMA 2023.

— Malaysian Defence

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  1. Marhalim, are the US and Europeans attending this year, considering the Russians will be there too?

  2. Tom Tom – ”are the US and Europeans attending this year, considering the Russians will be there too?”

    Years ago the U.S. threatened to pull out of DSA if the organisers allowed the Iranians to continue displaying a model of a IRBM that breached the MTCR.

    At 2001 I was at the flightline when Anatoly Kvochur landed feet away. He got out drenched with sweat and took of his flight suit. Beneath it he only had his underwear on.

  3. Marhalim, yes, please keep us all up to date…especially about the LMS. I am hoping from the Ada class…

  4. The Western parties might not boycott the event or anything, but the peaceniks might come to hold demos & protests in support of Ukraine. That would still be bad publicity for LIMA anyhow.

  5. ”but the peaceniks might come to hold demos & protests in support of Ukraine. ”

    If you remember ”peaceniks” held a demonstration when the Vincennes [shot down the Iranian airliner] was in Klang many years ago.

    Little to no chance of ‘peaceniks” protesting against the Russian presence; only a handful of Ukrainians here and I happen to know one of them.

  6. Furthermore, it will be difficult due to the high security presence around the exhibition area – both maritime and aerospace – any demo will be quickly clamp down. It will be cheaper and more visible if one holds a demonstration in KL.

  7. “only a handful of Ukrainians here”
    These days Ukrainians aren’t the only ones fighting for Ukraine’s cause….

    “cheaper and more visible if one holds a demonstration in KL.”
    Too many demos in KL now has watered down its impact and it does not have the same visibility as thousands of local & foreign visitors.

  8. As I stated previously the areas where LIMA will be held under strict security and any kind of gathering will be quickly snuffed out. Again it will be easier and cheaper to hold any demo in KL

  9. ”These days Ukrainians aren’t the only ones fighting for Ukraine’s cause….”

    ”These day’s the bulk of demonstrations held in various countries have comprised large numbers of Ukrainians. Over here; the average Malaysian is hardly expected to take part in a demonstration related to Russia; so no; zero chance of one…

    BTW it wasn’t only ”these days” that ”Ukrainians aren’t the only ones fighting for Ukraine’s cause” but from Day One but ultimately zero chance of a demonstration here and I’m surprised time and energy’s even being put in discussing this …

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