China Logistics Support Bridges

SHAH ALAM: IT appears that we are getting two sets of a China made logistics support bridge, supplementing the various British Bailey-style prefabricated and quick built bridges already in service (most are in storage) with the Army. Apart from the Army, the Public Works Department also have a number of […]

Asean and Malaysia

All Is Well

SHAH ALAM: All is well. It was widely reported last week that the RMN together with RMAF had stopped a botload of Rohingyas from entering the country from the Andaman sea. One of the ships involved, KD Kasturi, handed over food and water to the boat before ensuring that the […]

Defence Contract

Keris On Sea Trials

SHAH ALAM: Keris on sea trial. RMN’s first of class LMS, PCU Keris, is currently undergoing sea trials, according to a China based naval observer @Loongnaval. posted a picture of Keris undergoing sea trial though it was not dated nor the location of the sea trials. From the high resolution […]

Malaysia -RMN

China Made Warships, Coming Soon?

SHAH ALAM: I have written in the past that there have been proposals for Malaysia to buy warships from China. The proposals include corvettes and multi-role support ships. And apparently the government is still keen about it though it has not yet wrapped up the deal. Industry sources told Malaysian […]

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Malaysia -RMN

Malaysia Keen to Buy China Warships

SHAH ALAM: The Government remain keens over plans to procure at least two China made warships for the Royal Malaysian Navy (RMN) although the service did not request for it,industry sources said. The sources told Malaysian Defence that the plan to buy the two warships in the works for the […]

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Defence Shows

Chinese Made Trainer Debuts at Maks 2009

[singlepic id=21 w=320 h=240 float=left] KUALA LUMPUR: Chinese made advanced jet trainer Falcon L-15 developed by China‚Äôs Jiangxi Hongdu Aviation Industry Group appeared in the Russian International Air Show, being held starting on August 18. The manufacturer claimed that the Falcon has a pneumatic platform with a three-axle and four-redundancy […]