Malaysian Defence ORBAT for RMAF

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysian Defence would like to celebrate Royal Malaysian Air Force 49th anniversary with its own Order of Battle, in time for the big celebration next year. RMAF is rather conservative when it comes to celebrating its 50th year unlike our Tourism Ministry!

Anyhow, RMAF current ORBAT is rather convoluted with so many types of aircraft making up its fleet from MIG-29 to the 40-year-old Sikorsky (Nuri) Sea King helicopters. The latest addition to its “multi-racial” fleet is the Sukhoi Su-30MKM, two of which is coming home on June 17.

Since I was involved in reporting RMAF in the last decade, I always believed that the force was operating simply too much aircraft , in terms of variety, to be cost effective and battle ready.

For example, RMAF operates two type of fighter jets, the Fulcrum and the Hornets, and two types of training jets, the MB-339 and the Hawk 100/200 series. All four types has its own a mile-long logistics trail from pilots to spares.

Its pretty looking from outside the gate but I wonder what is actually going inside the manned gates.

Mainly due to tactical reasons, RMAF has to operate two types of transport planes, the CN-235 and C-130. The CN-235 is used mainly in Sabah and Sarawak to transport soldiers and cargoes to border outposts. The Hercules is used for everything.

The set-up seemed nice and hunky dory but by 2012 (if Airbus don’t messed up again) the A400M will joined the fleet. A third trail for logistics from pilots to spares. Who will take care all of this? And we all know that the private sector is a big drain on good recruits.

Malaysian Defence would like to offer a solution to the hard working people of RMAF. I understand that National Interest will prevent any kind of debate on my ORBAT (which perhaps is already on going in RMAF even without my input). At least its out there for all to see. and not hidden under the blanket of National Interest

Malaysian Defence ORBAT for RMAF

40 Sukhoi Su-3OMKM (three sgdn; two combat and one for training and testing)

<30 T-50 (two sgdn for advanced fighter training)

30 A-50 (Three Sqdn)

40 PC-9 MKII for basic and advanced flight training.

4 Boeing 737 Wedgetail AEW

4 Boeing 737 Maritime Patrol

4 KC-767 MRTT

15 C-130 Hercules ( also used as tanker)

15 CN-235

20 EH-101 (CSAR)

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