The Number Game

KUALA LUMPUR: After a short breather, Malaysian Defence would like to highlight what was offered for the NRP. As only the Cougar’s price was mentioned we could only speculate on the identity of the other bidders. Malaysian Defence however believed the tender offered in pound sterling must be the AW101 while the other one which was about USD708++ must be the Sikorsky entry. The other entries must be the different Mi-17 agents working in this country

Based on my calculation, the Sikorsky bid was the most expensive.

The pricing offered by Eurocopter (Code tender: T521/07/A/006) was Euro 233,345,390.

Other tenders included T521/07/A/001 with the price in Pound Sterling amounting to 341,888,123; T521/07/A/002 (RM663,189,500), T521/07/A/003 (Euro 104,632,729); T521/07/A/004 (US$220,496,700); T521/07/A/005 (US$708,305,497) and T521/07/A/007 (US$348,178,365).

–Malaysian Defence

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Shah Alam


  1. I assume
    T521/07/A/001 (£341,888,123) = AW101
    T521/07/A/002 (RM663,189,500)= Mi-172KF retail by Mentari Services
    T521/07/A/003 (Euro 104,632,729)= AS 532?
    T521/07/A/004 (US$220,496,700)= Genuine Rosonboronexport Mi-17 V5
    T521/07/A/005 (US$708,305,497)= CH-47
    T521/07/A/007 (US$348,178,365)= H-92

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