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Sundang, Second LMS launched

SHAH ALAM: Sundang, second LMS launched. PCU Sundang, the second ship of the four LMS class was named and launched in China today. The ship was named and launched by Puan Seri Rusnah A. Rahman, the wife of the Armed Forces chief, at Shuangli, Wuhan China, says TLDM. The new […]

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Former RMN Chief Appointed To BHIC Board

SHAH ALAM: Former RMN Chief appointed to BHIC board. Tan Sri Ramlan Mohamed Ali, 67, a former RMN chief, has been appointed as a non-independent, non executive director of Boustead Heavy Industries Corporation Bhd (BHIC). He was among a number of people appointed to the BHIC board, the company announced […]

Malaysia -RMN

Digital Caps for the RMN

SHAH ALAM: Digital caps for the RMN. It appears that the RMN had issued digital flat caps as part of its digital camouflage which were introduced three years ago. Previously the navy light blue digital camo – known as the operational uniform – were worn with the beret. The ball […]

Malaysia -RMN

Refit For KD Terengganu

SHAH ALAM: Refit for KD Terengganu. KD Terengganu, the fourth ship in the Kedah class is expected to undergo a refit at the Boustead Naval Shipyard (BNS) in Lumut, later this year. Boustead Heavy Industries Corporation on June 20 announced to Bursa Saham that BNS, its associate company had accepted […]

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SHAH ALAM: MPA and MALE UAV in RMK12. The procurement of two maritime patrol aircraft and three medium altitude long endurance UAV will take place in RMK12, says the Defense Ministry. The possibility of the purchase of the MPAs and drones being deferred to RMK12 was raised in the interview […]

Malaysia -RMN

A Dozen ScanEagle Drones For Malaysia

SHAH ALAM: A dozen Scaneagle drones for Malaysia. It appears that Malaysia is getting more Insitu Scaneagle drones for ISR missions. Late last year it was announced that RMN is getting two ScanEagle drone system from the US under Pentagon Maritime Security Initiative. A typical ScanEagle drone system usually has […]

JS Izumo
Malaysia -RMN

Japan Biggest Warship Comes A Calling

SHAH ALAM: Japan’s biggest warship, helicopter destroyer, JS Izumo – DDH183 — arrives in Port Klang, this morning. Izumo which is on four-day port call in Malaysia was escorted by another destroyer, JS Murasame – DD101. The two vessels, part of the Escort Flotilla 1 of the Japan Maritime Self […]

Malaysia -RMN

A Walk On Part…

SHAH ALAM: A walk on part…. It appears that KD Jebat is set to get a new “brain” as it enters the 20th year anniversary in the RMN. The new brain is of course the locally developed Vibrant 1 combat management system. As reported previously the Vibrant 1 CMS had […]

KD Gempita
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Where Do You Roam

SHAH ALAM: Where Do You Roam. As posted previously both the Kedah and Laksamana class ships would be fitted with the GEM Electronica Electro Optical Firing Control System (EOFCS) as part of the RMN intention to put more hulls at sea. As part of the plan, the RMN is also […]

Malaysia -RMN

Upgrades, Sort Off

SHAH ALAM: Upgrades for Kedah class, sort off. In my earlier post, Back to Future III, I mentioned that the Gem Electronica EOFCS will also be installed on another class of ship of the RMN. I can now report that four of the Kedah class will receive the system. GEM […]