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Malaysian Army

Malaysian and US soldiers posed for a photograph at the opening of the exercise last weekend.
Exercise Keris Strike Logo

Keris Strike 2014

SHAH ALAM: APART from a press release denying “uncalled rumours”, it appears Exercise Keris Strike 2014 remained an off-limit exercise. While I understand the security concerns, it is certainly weird to have an exercise with a foreign country being played out almost away from the media eyes even though a …

A US Marine and a Malaysian soldier in a firing position during the rehearsal.

Malus Amphex 2014 Ends

SHAH ALAM: One of the biggest Malaysian-US joint exercise, Malus Amphex 2014 ends today at Lahad Datu with a demonstration of an …

Marines from the 11th Marine Expeditionary Unit and members of the Malaysian Armed Forces prepare a bivouac site

Malus Amphex 2014 Gallery

SHAH ALAM: Since there have been no news from our side on Malus Amphex 2014, posted below are the news and pictures …

Deftech AV6 with an 12.7mm OWS turret

6X6 Conundrum

SHAH ALAM: Shortly after the Army Day interview in late February, I joined PTD Gen Raja Affandi Raja Mohamed Nor for brunch …

In bright sunlight the Astros launcher looked IR-reduced signature paint gleamed like pink!

Avibras Bullish on Malaysia

SHAH ALAM: Despite the apparent softening of the defence budget due to the overall’s country economic condition, Avibras, the Brazilian manufacturer of …

A head on shot of an AT-802U.

Cheaper, Less Sexy Option

SHAH ALAM: Despite weariness of buying French-made arms expressed by most of our readers, the Airbus Helicopter Tiger attack helicopter easily out-polled …