Generic RWS, Plan B

SHAH ALAM: Generic RWS, Plan B. As you are aware the Army and RMN (as well as the MMEA) are probably/likely on the look out for a remote weapon station (RWS) for their future vehicles or ships. That said the need for a new RWS is likely higher for the Army as it is looking to recapitalise its armoured vehicles as well as its fire support vehicles.

The RMN and MMEA already operate the MSI-Defence Sigma and the Aselsan SMASH/STAMP RWS on its vessels and patrol boats. While both of these and the ones used by the Army (Reutech, on the Gempita) are already good enough, buying a common generic RWS – sharing the same components – between the services, could probably save us a lot of money – on maintenance and economic of scale.

A CGI of the US Amry Initial Maneuver Short-Range Air Defense system. The RIWP turret is fitted with Stinger and Hellfire missiles as well as a 30mm gun. The discs on the front and sides are the radar antennas.

An example of a generic RWS is the Moog Defence RIWP which can be use for land and naval solutions. The US Army recently downselected the Leonardo DRS solution for its Initial Maneuver Short-Range Air Defense (IM-SHORAD) effort which uses a RIWP turret as the basis for its offer.

A close up view of the RIWP turret for the US Army IMSHORAD capability.

The Leonardo DRS system, when integrated on the Stryker A1 platform, will provide maneuver Brigade Combat Teams with a full “detect-identify-track-defeat” capability required to defeat UAS, rotary-wing and fixed-wing threats. Leonardo DRS expects to receive the prototype contract in August of this year.

The system, developed by Leonardo DRS’s Land Systems business unit, integrates mature technologies from industry teammates and partners, including Moog’s Reconfigurable Integrated-weapons Platform (RIwP), Raytheon’s Stinger missiles and Rada’s Multi-mission Hemispheric Radar. The IM-SHORAD solution provides both hard and soft kill capabilities to the warfighter while minimizing impacts on the mobility of the Stryker.

More on the Moog Defence Reconfigurable Integrated- Weapons Platform.

The Reconfigurable Integrated-weapons Platform (RIwP) is a revolutionary remote turret, providing the warfighter overmatch capability and increased survivability to exceed current and emerging threats across the full spectrum of conflict. In many configurations RIwP medium caliber precision lethality, for tactical and combat platforms, provides greater firepower than most currently fielded combat systems ensuring advantages over ground and air threats. Current configurations include the option for multiple missiles, direct fire weapons and sight combinations. All direct fire weapons feature reload under armor for increased crew protection.

A RIWP turret on a M-ATV. The turret is fitted with a TOW missile launcher, M230 LF cannon and a sighting system. A Malaysian RIWP could be fitted with a Denel Ingwe launcher, M230 LF cannon and a generic sighting system.

Although MOOG has already configured 10 RIWP with all sorts of guns and missiles combinations, we can still opt to develop the turrets with the guns and missiles combination of our own (as shown by the one offered by Leonardo, above). The cheapest way is to buy the already configured RIWP turrets on our vehicles or ships, of course.

A tall configuration RIWP turret with a Javelin launcher, a 7.62mm machine gun and a 30mm gun.

The RIWP could be integrated on the Condor replacement vehicle or the upgraded Condor, the future Infantry and fire support vehicle, when fitted with anti-tank and anti aircraft missile as well as the future replacements of the Adnans and KIFV as well.

Reutech Rogue RWS with a 12.7mm machine gun on an ACV Gempita.

The same turrets could also be fitted on newly built Gempita including an air defence variant, if the Army decides to buy more of them of course.

Another RIWP turret fitted with a launcher for Hellfire, laser guided rockets and a 7.62mm gun. Fitted on the planned RMN MRSS it will give the ship stand off surface firing capability.

Apart from the Army vehicles, the same turrets and weapons configurations could also be fitted on future vessels, including the MRSS and patrol boats of the RMN and MMEA giving them a stand-off surface and short range anti aircraft capability (if the gun and missile combo is selected). It is certainly better than having just a 30mm RWS and a cheaper option compared to the 57mm or 76mm guns. This would be a lot more accurate than the pray and spray Gatling or GPMGs.

— Malaysian Defence

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