105mm Light Guns Going Airborne

PORT DICKSON: 105mm Light Guns Going Airborne. The new Nexter 105mm LG-1 howitzers will requip the 10th Para artillery regiment which currently uses the 105mm pack howitzers. Army chief Gen Zulkiple Kassim says the first batch of guns will be delivered late this year with full delivery expected in 2019.

He did not identify the guns or how many were being bought apart that it will be “a regiment strong”. Malaysian Defence has reported that 18 guns will be purchased, with at least two going to the artillery school in Port Dickson.

Colombian soldiers with their Nexter Systems LG1 105mm howitzer.

Zulkiple also said that the M109 155M Paladin SPH procurement was on schedule and these were currently being upgraded in the US. Asked whether the Army will raise a new regiment to operate the SPH, Zulkiple says not as an existing unit will be taking over the vehicles. He did not identify the unit however. He was speaking to the media after the parade to mark the 85th anniversary at the Army training centre, here today.

MD530 destined for the Malaysian Army on display at the HAI Heli-Expo in Las Vegas

On the MD530G light assault helicopter, Zulkiple again says it was on track though he was probably being careful as he did not say when it was being delivered. As you’re aware, the delivery dates of the helicopter had been announced in the past but those had been proven wrong as none of the rotary birds have been delivered so far.

The MD530G fitted with the FN Herstal rocket machine gun pod and a Gatling. This is a likely weapon configuration for the LAH.

Anyhow, MD Helicopters had showcase one of the MD530G destined for the Army at the HAI Heli-Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada. The exhibited helicopter was painted in digital camo though not very similar to the Nuri and A109 LOH in service with the Army Air Wing.

The MD530G displayed at HAI Heli-Expo is also fitted with the twin Hellfire missile launcher on its starboard pylon. The Army did not purchased the Hellfires.

Reporters at the exhibition stated that although the helicopter was an airframe destined for the Malaysia, the avionics and equipment may well be fitted just for the show. One of them are two Hellfire missiles fitted on the pylon of the helicopter.

The cockpit of the MD530G displayed at the HAI Heli-Expo. Similar avionics are probably fitted to the Malaysian Army ones. MD Helicopters.

As for the delivery dates, I was told recently two were supposed to be here by late 2018. Whether or not the dates will be kept is beyond me. It was reported today by Shepard that the first helicopter will be delivered in June with the rest by August.

* updated to add link to Shepard story on delivery date of the MD530G

— Malaysian Defence

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