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Retender for GGK RIV

SHAH ALAM: Retender for GGK RIV. It appears that the Rapid Intervention Vehicle for the GGK has been retendered. The tender for the RIV was published on March 10 on the Kementerian Pertahanan website only and not the government e-tender page. As the ministry website does not give access to […]

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More Stuff For GGK

SHAH ALAM: More stuff for GGK. Malaysian Defence previously reported that the Army is on a recapitalisation drive especially for its vehicles fleet. Although the number of vehicles being sought are small – big ones are usually funded under the RMK plan – one of my sources said it was […]

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Joint Special Operations Command

SHAH ALAM: Joint Special Operations Command. Months after the National Special Operations Force (NSOF) was quietly disbanded, the Armed Forces chief Gen.Zulkifli Zainal Abidin today announced that the military will set up a Joint Special Operations Command (JSO) tasked with duties of national and strategic interest. He did not say […]

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Episode IV

SHAH ALAM: Episode IV. After an extraordinary 36 hours, it appears that we will have a new minister at Jalan Padang Tembak, someone completely from the left field. The field of candidates are so wide currently that I will not even bother to pin point anyone. Lets hope the appointments […]

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Colt APC to replace Bushmaster M4s. Edited

SHAH ALAM: Colt Advanced Piston Carbine (APC) is set to become the standard assault rifle of the police Special Forces units, the UTK and the VAT69 replacing the Bushmaster M4 carbines. Although some of the units had already purchased other rifles to replace Bushmasters, the contract signed between the Home […]

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Malaysian Army

Give Priority to National Security

MERSING: The Sultan of Johor, the Colonel-Commandant of the Special Forces Group – Grup Gerak Khas (GGK) – call on the government to give priority to national security and defence. He said the leadership’s action in the past few years appeared as if they treated national security as low priority […]

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Army 82nd Anniversary Demo

A Guest Post by AM PORT DICKSON: The Malaysian Army celebrated its 82nd anniversary at Port Dickson on March 7 with a sea, air and land demonstration that brought together some of the most interesting units in the Malaysian Army and support from the Royal Malaysian Air Force. The Event […]

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When Airborne Goes Feet Wet

A guest post by Ferret. SHAH ALAM: THERE have been several good discussions here about amphibious forces. But to start this article, I would like to remind ourselves of what they’re good for. Most of the literature say they are good for establishing a landing site for larger friendly forces, […]

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DSA 2012: Second Day

PETALING JAYA: Again not much too report apart from the statement by the Defence Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi that the ministry is to procure some 100 LTV vehicle from Weststar. Do I also need to report that no decision has been made on the MRCA programme? — […]