Heres Hoping….

KUALA LUMPUR: The new Army had in his first meeting with the Press after taking as the PTD last May had said that the Army was reviewing the soldier’s personal equipment needs “from head to toe” and this will see a marked improvement from previous years.
Not Ours!

Lets hope in the midst of the Army’s renewal, the soldier’s personal equipment will be of the best that money can buy. With soldiers being the highest cost factor in the Army one has to wonder why we keep insisting that the procurement of the other stuff ranked higher than the personal equipment.

Yes the other Armies had also missed the boat on the personal equipment issue but we just need to look at the British Army as a guide. Read More

And the Brits is expected to issue more new kit in the year to come. Read it here

If we cannot use the British Army as a guide in terms of making the right choices, who else can our soldiers look forward to?

–Malaysian Defence

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