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Italian Navy Selects MBDA Teseo Mk2/E

SHAHA ALAM. MBDA will provide the Italian Navy with the new Teseo Evolved Weapon System, namely Teseo Mk2/E. This new generation system builds on the legacy Teseo family, known worldwide as OTOMAT, and will bring a substantial improvement in anti-ship capabilities. From MBDA Teseo Mk2/E will efficiently engage both sea […]

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The Albatros Lives On

SHAH ALAM: The Albatros lives on. The Albatros SAM system has now been superseded by the Albatros NG, the new name for the CAMM-ER SAM system from pan European missile manufacturer. From MBDA Albatros NG is a new CAMM-ER based air defence system for naval applications MBDA has been awarded […]

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More Test Firings For MBDA MMP

SHAH ALAM: MBDA has conducted more test firings of its MMP missile. The company said on 14 December, 2020 that it has carried out the firing of the missile from an Arquus Sabre vehicle. The release. MBDA has carried out the first firing of an MMP missile from an ARQUUS […]

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MBDA launches the new VL MICA NG

SHAH ALAM: MBDA announces the commercial launch of its new VL MICA NG air defence system, on the occasion of the Euronaval-Online exhibition on 19 October.The VL MICA NG system is based on the integration into the existing VL MICA system of the MICA NG (New Generation) anti-air missile, which […]