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ATGW Winner Confirmed

SHAH ALAM: IN an earlier article, Malaysian Defence posted that the Roketsan Karaok/Black Arrow – was the winner of the ATGW tender. Now thanks to the Eperolehan website, now we know that the local company which won the tender was Ketech Asia Sdn Bhd. The LOA for the tender is […]

Defence Contract

Five Bidders For ATGW-MR

SHAH ALAM: Five bidders have been shortlisted for the tender of 18 Anti-Tank Guided Weapon Medium Range (ATGW-MR) which was published on April 18. It was supposed to close on May 18 but the deadline was extended to June 1. The original tender was cancelled shortly after it was published […]

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More Acoustic Hailing Devices For CB90s

SHAH ALAM: Last April, Malaysian Defence wrote that hat Markas Wilayah Laut 2 (Mawilla 2) based in Sandakan, Sabah has issued three separate quotation notices for the purchase of six acoustic hailing devices for six CB90s fast combat boats. That report was followed up with another post with the bids […]

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Goose M4 Coming

SHAH ALAM: Back in May, 2021, Malaysian Defence reported that a tender for the supply of 110 launchers of an 84mm anti-tank was floated in the Eperolehan website. Unfortunately, three months later, Malaysian Defence wrote that this tender was cancelled, as usual for no apparent reason. I was told recently, […]

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Cancelled, ATGW-MR Tender

SHAH ALAM: On March 21, Malaysian Defence posted that the tender for the purchase of 18 Anti-Tank Guided Weapon – Medium Range (ATGW-MR) was published in the Eperolehan website. The tender was supposed to close on April 11. Unfortunately, upon checking the Eperolehan website today, I found that the tender […]


China Logistics Support Bridges

SHAH ALAM: IT appears that we are getting two sets of a China made logistics support bridge, supplementing the various British Bailey-style prefabricated and quick built bridges already in service (most are in storage) with the Army. Apart from the Army, the Public Works Department also have a number of […]

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Imported VHF Section Radios

SHAH ALAM: Imported VHF Section radios. Back in LIMA 2019, Sapura Thales Electronic Sdn Bhd (STE) launched a new military VHF radio, the TRC 5200. The company said the new generation section VHF radio, was fully designed and developed in Malaysia by STE and will be available in the market […]

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Wooden Crates For Nuri Parts

SHAH ALAM: Wooden crates for Nuri parts. The Defence Ministry has issued a call for quotation for the supply of specialised wooden crates to store the components of Nuri helicopters with the No 3 Skuadron based at the Butterworth airbase. I said specialised wooden crates as the supplier is supposed […]

Defence Contract

More Whoop A… Stuff

SHAH ALAM: The Army is looking to add more stuff to its armoury from mortar bombs, demolition charges and safety fuzes. As usual the request for bids were published in the eperolehan website and only minimal specifications were made public. The mortar bomb tender which opened on Nov. 13 and […]