Malaysian Army

FSS Platoon at NCO Exercise

SHAH ALAM: THE Army, specifically the Future Soldier System experimental platoon of the 12th Royal Malay Regiment (Mechanised) has conducted a training exercise synchronised with the Network Centric Operation (NCO) system. The exercise is being conducted around Dungun and Kuantan, the favourite stomping ground of the 4th Mechanised Brigade, 12 […]

Malaysia - RMAF

Greek to Me

SHAH ALAM: Greek to Me. RMAF has yet to be officially informed of plans for it to get second-hand fighter jets and patrol planes.  It’s the same for the barter deal with India. RMAF chief Jen Affendi Buang said it was for this reason he could not comment on such […]

Malaysia -RMN

Good Times, Bad Times

SHAH ALAM: Good Times Bad Times. When the SGPV was still a developmental program, talk among the industry was that the Damen entry was the preferred the choice. The Damen entry, basically the 105-metre version of the frigates bought by Indonesia and Morrocco, in the end, lost out to the […]

Malaysian Army

Wataniah Training Mobilisation

SHAH ALAM: If you are in the Wataniah, please take note, the Army wants you to report to your respective unit within this fortnight. The notice for the mobilisation training was announced by the Army, late yesterday. The release of the mobilisation: Basically, it states that the Wataniah (Territorial Army) […]

Defence Contract

New Zealand Seeking to Buy Poseidons

SHAH ALAM: In the MPA postings recently, I wrote that it was unlikely that Malaysia will get the Boeing P-8A Poseidon as maritime patrollers. It is too expensive, I wrote. It is expensive for us of course though others might think otherwise. Which are the other countries that might think […]