The Armed Forces Takes A Back Seat…NGPV or SGPV edited

SHAH ALAM: Its confirmed now, the SGPV, formally the NGPV and known in Mindef now as LCS, is to be the first project under RMK10. Six billion for six ships means a cool billion for a single ship. A fairly steep price for a corvette and as VR pointed out earlier that for the same amount RMN could be getting

” 8 of the new Korean Gumdoksuri PKX fast missile corvettes, or 8 LPD similar to the Indonesian Makassar class, or 3 of Spains’s Buques de Acción Marítima (BAM -maritime action ship) OPV… Is RMN/Malaysia getting a good deal out of our nation’s money?? ”

Yes, we maybe getting a smaller number of ships but as they like to point out it will be a boon for our defence industry. What about the Navy then?
From the two reports on the issue, Bernama and Utusan, no military reason was given why the Government was funding such a huge project.

Perhaps both reporters found it too complicated to write about the military reasons for buying the six ships for RM6 billion but I guess there wasnt much on the table in the first place. And its not as sexy as saying that some 632 local contractors will benefit from the project.

By the way, the Absalon MRSS is cheap as the Danes used second-hand weapon systems on the two ships. We dont have the luxury. Of course, RM6 billion is not set in stone. Based on recent history, we will be spending much more….

What others are saying about the deal. Here and Here Dzirhan take on the issue. Here

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