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Malaysian Defence

Predator XP and Aludra

SHAH ALAM: At the recent IDEX 2011 show it was announced an export version of the Predator UAV or UCAS in US parlance, is now available for non-Nato countries. The US decision to block the export of the Predator or its much more capable Reaper has led to various countries […]

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Malaysia -RMN


SHAH ALAM: Here are the latest buzz on the SGPV/LCS project. It appears that the Boustead proposal is not exactly the slam dunk that the company officials was wishing for. With six foreign shipbuilders vying to become the technology partner for Boustead there is a high probability that the SGPV/LCS […]

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Cougar Rising Part ????

PETALING JAYA: Its nice to hear after the SGPV confirmation (which is probably a boo-boo) that the second of the Malaysian Armed Forces “must buy” RMK10 list is on the way. Yes, I am talking about the Eurocopter Cougar. After almost five years in gestation, the programme has finally taken […]