Malaysia: The World Top Arms Importer! Edited

KUALA LUMPUR: Based on the Trends in international arms transfers, 2009 Paul Holtom, Mark Bromley, Pieter D. Wezeman and Siemon D. Wezeman SIPRI Fact Sheet it appears that Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia, are in an arms race.

The 722 percent figure cited by the publication really sounds alarming doesnt it? But the data must be seen in its full context though. Since we had to procure arms in 10 year cyclical basis, no thanks to the 1997 economic crisis, one would expect such spike in percentage however. But since explaining such matters are the purview of people with more power and getting more money than me, I will leave it to them then.

The statement by SIPRI has been published for a while now but it has not received much publicity so far until Reuters used that data in its report here. I am sure will make a meal out of this.

Online news portal, Malaysiakini also jumped into the bandwagon, but alas their take on their issue is really a poor cut and paste job!

–Malaysian Defence

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