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8 Things We are NOT Getting in RMK11

SHAH ALAM: BEFORE we start, let me say that this is not the official RMK11 Dump list. Its just the Malaysian Defence’s Eight Things We Are Not Getting in RMK11. Why eight? Because eight is supposed to be a lucky number. Further more I am pretty sure the eight items […]

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MRCA: Unlocking Typhoon’s Full Potential

Breaking News: Dassault Aviation today (April 30, 2015) announced that Qatar is to acquire 24 Rafales. The deal is to be signed on May 4. SHAH ALAM: The Royal United Services Institute for Defence and Security Studies has come out with a report titled “Maximising European Combat Air Power Unlocking […]


MRCA: Updates, Sort Off

SHAH ALAM: YES its a week after LIMA, I am only starting to write about the MRCA programme. It is just to show there is not much really moving on the MRCA even at the country’s premier airshow. Three of the MRCA candidates were present at LIMA 2015 but only […]


LIMA 2013 Update

SHAH ALAM:PETALING JAYA: Yes the immediate concern is the intrusion off Lahad Datu but since I am stuck here (not to say we will get anything more if we are at Lahad Datu) lets get back to things more slightly interesting, for example Lima 2013. Anyways since this year’s Lima […]

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DSA 2012: Some sort of a review

SHAH ALAM: As widely reported in the media, no decision had been for the MRCA programme. To me it was expected as the time-line for a final decision would be in the middle of next year. This could change of course depending on the results of the general election. At […]

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MRCA programme: Moving Forward

PETALING JAYA: Since I am threading on sensitive grounds, lets just say that our very own MRCA programme is moving forward, despite my reservations about funding issues. And since I am not able to divulge the details at the moment, let us look at this matter via the Switzerland example. […]

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Its Rafale for India (update-2)

PETALING JAYA: IT appears Tuesday that India has selected Dassault Rafale for its MMRCA programme. Based on the news report it also appear that the Rafale was cheaper than Typhoon in this instance. It also appear that India were looking at the life cycle cost in choosing the French plane. […]