Another Helicopter Tender Part 2

SHAH ALAM: In an earlier posting entitled Another Helicopter Tender, Malaysian Defence wrote about a tender for four helicopters for the Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency – Agensi Penguatkuasaan Maritime Malaysia (MMEA/APMM). The tender was published in June last year and was supposed to close in July but it was later […]

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Black Hawks For Nuri Replacements?

SHAH ALAM: Black Hawks for Nuri replacements? Back in 2015, we were told by the-then Defence Minister that the RMAF will be getting four Black Hawk S-70 helicopters gifted from Brunei. That news were tempered somewhat when it was revealed later that the Black Hawks were not to be gifted […]

Malaysia -RMN

Maritime Utility Helicopter Tender

SHAH ALAM: Maritime Operations Helicopter Tender. By the time you read this, representatives of companies interested in bidding for the RMN maritime operations helicopter tender would be reporting to their bosses of the technical requirements. Yes the search for the RMN utility helos has restarted with a field visit (Sept. […]

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Malaysia - RMAF

Logic Or….

SHAH ALAM: IN his response to the news that Brunei will transfer its four Sikorsky S-70A Blackhawks to RMAF, Azlan wrote: “By logic, ownership of the 2 S-70As should be transferred from the PMs Department to the RMAF, to add to the 4 former RBAF examples. I am not it […]

Malaysia - RMAF

Brunei Confirms Transfer of Blackhawks

SHAH ALAM: The Brunei Defence Ministry has confirmed the plan to transfer its S-70A Blackhawk helicopter to Malaysia, in a statement released on its website today. The statement did not say how many helicopters will be transferred but since Brunei operates four S-70A Blackhawk helicopters it is likely all will […]

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Malaysia - RMAF

RMAF getting Brunei Blackhawks

SHAH ALAM: As hinted in my post about the miniguns, Defence Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein today confirmed that RMAF is getting Sikorsky S-70A Blackhawk helicopters from Brunei. He did not revealed how many Blackhawks but sources told Malaysian Defence it will be four. The four S-70A Blackhawks were delivered […]