Defence Contract

Singapore To Buy F-35s

SHAH ALAM: Singapore to buy F-35s. Singapore Defense Ministry today announced that it has identified the F-35 as the most suitable replacement for its fleet of F-16s. It says with the F-16s to be retired soon after 2030 the decision to acquire the F-35 – likely to be concluded within […]

Asean and Malaysia

Alternate Runway Operations

SHAH ALAM: Alternate Runway Operations. I know this a website on Malaysian Defence but sometimes we need to look outside the box. In this case, down south, where the RSAF had conducted Exercise Torrent 2016, the alternate runway operations. The alternate runway exercise was conducted on Sunday where four F-15SGs, […]

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Malaysia - RMAF

Bersama Lima 2011 Part 2

SHAH ALAM: Thanks to the RAAF we now have pictures of the Eurofighter Typhoons operating out of RMAF Butterworth. Four RAF Typhoons are taking part in Exercise Bersama Lima 2011 including a single twin seater. However, I have not seen the pictures of the twin seater yet. Another interesting visitor […]