Abandon Ship, Scrap the LCS Part II

SHAH ALAM: Abandon ship, scrap the LCS Part II. The forensic report on the LCS programme, first made public in the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) report was declassified yesterday. The declassified report is published on the Parlimen website. You can go to the website above to read the whole report […]

Malaysia -RMN

Joy To The World

SHAH ALAM: Joy to the world! As the Bangladesh Navy had named its first China-made Large Patrol Craft as BNS Durjoy, I used part of the word as the title of this post as it sounds nice and an obvious hint what this post is all about. Yes, the four […]

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Malaysia -RMN


SHAH ALAM: Here are the latest buzz on the SGPV/LCS project. It appears that the Boustead proposal is not exactly the slam dunk that the company officials was wishing for. With six foreign shipbuilders vying to become the technology partner for Boustead there is a high probability that the SGPV/LCS […]