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Plan B, Whither The LMS?

SHAH ALAM: Plan B, Whither the LMS? As it appears that the LMS contract will be honoured, PM Tun Mahathir Mohammad yesterday announced that a committee has been set to look into the government processes. The Investigative Committee of Administrative Affairs, Procurement and Finance will be headed by former auditor-general […]


Brimstone and Typhoon

SHAH ALAM: Brimstone. As you are aware the Eurofighter Typhoon is one of the candidates for the MRCA programme which has yet to receive its funding. As the Defence Ministry has indicated that funding will only made available after 2020, we can continue to see the developments of the Typhoon […]

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Another Perspective on the LMS

SHAH ALAM: As mentioned earlier, regular commenter and guest writer … has his own views on the LMS. Posted below are his views. A Guess Post by … More details has been released on the LMS since the decision to go for CSIC built ship based on the Durjoy-class Large […]

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Pimp Up My LMS

SHAH ALAM: If you were to read the earlier comments on the LMS post, not much is expected of the class of ships despite what has been said by the RMN. Of course much of that came from Boustead Naval Shipyard’s past performance and also the funding level of the […]

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15 to 5 and LMS Updates

SHAH ALAM: LMS and 15 to 5 updates. The RMN 15 to 5 transformation plan is on track and the navy will have a new fleet – if it goes to plan – in 30 years time. The first two ships under the plan are the LCS – two already […]

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Ships Updates, LMS and LCS

LANGKAWI: Ships Update, LMS and LCS Work on the first LMS is expected to start in May. The work is to be undertaken by Boustead partner, China Shipbuilding and Offshore International Ltd, in one of it shipyards in China. Under the RM1.17 billion contract, two of the LMS will be […]

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More on the LMS, Part 2

SHAH ALAM: More on the LMS, Part 2. It appears that the negotiations for the LMS is going well and its expected that the contract (or Letter of Award, the official term) could be signed at the next LIMA in Langkawi this March. The LOI for the project was awarded […]

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More on the LMS

SHAH ALAM: More on the LMS. IT appears that Boustead Naval Shipyard will not be just the builder of the RMN’s Littoral Mission Ship (LMS), it will be the main contractor for the program. This is based on the announcement made by Bosutead Holdings Bhd, the public listed holding company […]

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Joy To The World

SHAH ALAM: Joy to the world! As the Bangladesh Navy had named its first China-made Large Patrol Craft as BNS Durjoy, I used part of the word as the title of this post as it sounds nice and an obvious hint what this post is all about. Yes, the four […]