Malaysian Defence

Oz Maintenance Work For Hornets

SHAH ALAM: Oz maintenance work for Hornets. At the Singapore Airshow 2020, a briefing by the 22nd Squadron revealed that they will be sending an F/A-18D Hornet to Australia for maintenance work. After some checking I was informed that the maintenance work is actually for the whole fleet with two […]

Defence Contract

The Long and Winding Road

SHAH ALAM: The long and winding road. In a post on the LCA, I commented that RMAF is not getting any new fighters at least until 2035. And today Defence Minister Mohamad Sabu told parliament basically the same thing. He also said in the near future, RMK12, the plan is […]

Asean and Malaysia

Thailand Buying Boeing Little Birds

SHAH ALAM: Thailand buying Boeing Little Birds. The US State Department on Sept. 24 announced the proposed sale to Thailand of eight Boeing AH-6I light attack reconnaissance helicopters and related equipment in a deal worth $400 million (RM1.675 billion). Although its just an announcement of a proposed sale, it is […]


Unmanned Wing Man

SHAH ALAM: Unmanned Wing Man. Even as we struggle to find the proper funding for RMAF Cap 55 plan and her sister services recapitalisation projects, the world continue to move ahead. At the Avalon Show 2019 in Melbourne, Australia, Boeing unveiled a full size mock up of the Air Power […]

Malaysian Army

MD Helicopters, Boeing Slug Out in Court

SHAH ALAM: FlightGlobal is reporting that MD Helicopters Inc (MDHI) is suing Boeing over the Saudi AH-6i light scout attack helicopter contract. From FlightGlobal A batch of helicopters delivered years late and allegedly with parts missing and broken has led to a second legal dispute between MD Helicopters (MDHI) and […]


Shooting At Stars

SHAH ALAM: Shooting at stars. A couple of days ahead of DS Najib Razak visit to the White House, several news portal claimed that he will sign a contract to buy Super Hornets there as a way to wriggle out of his “legal” troubles. It was naive for them to […]