More Negative News of LTAT

SHAH ALAM: The Auditor General published its findings of government agencies for the year 2022 and the Armed Forces Fund Board (LTAT) has again hog the lime light, for the wrong reasons. The Edge is reporting that LTAT has consistently reported negative reserve balance since 2020. Apart from this the […]

Auditor General Report

Pilot Audit On Army Armoured Vehicles

SHAH ALAM: The Auditor-General official conducted an audit on the Seventh Royal Ranger Regiment (7RRD) at its camp in Mentakab, earlier this month. The regiment made public on the audit on its Facebook page on March 16. From the post we know that it was an audit on the management […]

Auditor General Report

I Can See Clearly Now

SHAH ALAM: I can see clearly now. The decision not to arm the nine Guardians 4X4 APC with a remote weapon station (RWS) for the Malbatt contingent in Lebanon has resulted in a loss of RM2.22 million in reimbursements from the United Nations. The Auditor General in its 2018 report […]

Malaysia - RMAF

Flanker Technical Centre Delayed

SHAH ALAM: The Auditor General Report 2015 revealed that the technical centre  built at the Gong Kedak airbase for the Sukhoi Su-30MKM Flanker fighters was delayed as an “inexperienced and financially unsound contractor was chosen.” Even though the contractor had been replaced, it is likely that the facility has yet […]