Rebreathers for Paskal

November 14, 2022 Marhalim Abas 1

SHAH ALAM: Rebreathers for Paskal. Last month, Malaysian Defence posted a story on RMN’s special forces unit – Pasukan Khas Laut (Paskal) – getting new […]

Run Like The French

November 9, 2022 Marhalim Abas 14

SHAH ALAM: Run like the French. Naval Group on November 7 floated the first defence and intervention frigate Amiral Ronarc’h for the French Navy at […]


November 8, 2022 Marhalim Abas 10

SHAH ALAM: More ground support equipment for RMAF. Last month, Malaysian Defence wrote about RMAF getting fuel bowsers, procured from a South Korean company. This […]

Oz F-35s In Butterworth

November 6, 2022 Marhalim Abas 10

SHAH ALAM: Oz F-35s in Butterworth. Three days after six F-35As landed at Butterworth airbase, RMAF officially announced their arrival. The six stealth fighters are […]

A Lot More NLAWs

November 5, 2022 Marhalim Abas 4

SHAH ALAM: A lot more NLAWs. As you are aware, Malaysian Defence had written about the Army procuring NLAW from Saab since before the pandemic. […]