Malaysian Defence

Malaysian Defence
cropped-nd.jpg is the first Malaysian-based English website dedicated to the Malaysian defence and security news. Malaysian Defence is helmed by Marhalim Abas, who was a former journalist and editor with the New Straits Times, the Malay Mail and the SUN daily.

Photo bombed as I was doing my work at Ex Air Thamal 2015. Picture courtesy of Mohd Daim.
Photo bombed as I was doing my work at Ex Air Thamal 2015. Picture courtesy of Mohd Daim.

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  1. Hehehe. Maybe in the spirit of unity Government, Anwar could be interested to take the Menhan post.

    After all, Sabri’s rise continues the tradition of our PM coming from the ranks who had risen thru as Menhan.

  2. Fazrin – “Whatever happen hope defense budget go up”

    Never mind about it going “up” ..

    Just hope it doesn’t go “down” and that whatever has been cleared for funding is not delayed.

  3. @dundun
    I’d prefer KJ to get DPM but still in charge of the national vaccination efforts. As for Menhan, a well respected technocrat from private sector with experience in defence matters or have ties with them, but since we’re bereft of that and with politics of compromise, someone from Bersatu who won’t make a clown of himself.

  4. PM9 have confirmed his Cabinet will be a party of allies. So we can rule out a member of the Opposition unless that someone willingly jump ship.

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