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cropped-nd.jpg is the first Malaysian-based English website dedicated to the Malaysian defence and security news. Malaysian Defence is helmed by Marhalim Abas, who was a former journalist and editor with the New Straits Times, the Malay Mail and the SUN daily.

Photo bombed as I was doing my work at Ex Air Thamal 2015. Picture courtesy of Mohd Daim.
Photo bombed as I was doing my work at Ex Air Thamal 2015. Picture courtesy of Mohd Daim.

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  1. Shouldn’t have retire the old FH70. Just maintain as interim field Howie till there’s fund to procure new tubes either sph or towed.
    Interestingly, ex Brits FH70is currently used in action at Ukraine

  2. Kamal – ”Shouldn’t have retire the old FH70”

    Barrels were worn out and the barrel calibre is different compared to the G-5. We didn’t want to sustain small batches of two different guns. The 1988 MOU also originally included about 30 Light Guns.

    Kamal -” ex Brits FH70is currently used in action at Ukraine”

    So have M-777s, Panzerhaubitze 2000s; M-109s, Krabs, Caesars, DANAs, Zuzanas,
    L118s and M-101s – everything but the kitchen sink. Some FH-70s have been destroyed. Sustainment is a big issue for the Ukrainians. The bright spot is they have lots of UASs to use with their arty.

  3. If my memory serves me right, the lifespan of the artillery gun barrel is 1500 efc n with proper maintenance is max lifespan is up to 2000 efc.
    Please correct me if I’m wrong.

  4. Kamal,

    Barrel life is measured not in rounds fired but “Equivalent Full Charge”.
    It’s not only the number of rounds fired but the type of rounds and other things.

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