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Malaysia -RMN

Work Re-started on PCU Gagah Samudera

SHAH ALAM: REMEMBER PCU Gagah Samudera? After almost a delay of three years, work has restarted to complete the first of two RMN new training ships. The fitting out of the 75-metre ship is being carried out at the Grade One Marine Shipyard Sdn Bhd in Lumut, Perak. Industry sources […]

Malaysia -RMN

Algerian Corvette is in Town

SHAH ALAM: ALGERIAN Navy Type C28A corvette – the Adhafer – berthed at the Boustead Cruise Centre, in Port Klang today (Oct 6, 2015). Yes, its the same China-made boat that I reported was proposed to the Royal Malaysian Navy, earlier this year. For more on the story go here. […]

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Malaysian Defence

Is There a Need for an ABM capability?

SHAH ALAM: AT the recent military parade in Beijing, China displayed a long line of its most advanced hardware including ballistic missiles, nuclear and non-nuclear ones. The non-nuclear ballistic missiles are the ones most creating the biggest buzz, the Guam killer; carrier killer etc. Guam Killer is the nickname given […]


In Remembrance: Tan Sri Yuen Yet Leng

SHAH ALAM: ONE of the greatest police officers in Malaysian history, Tan Sri Yuen Yet Leng died this morning. He was 88. From Bernama: KUALA LUMPUR: Police officer extraordinaire Tan Sri Yuen Yuet Leng who played an instrumental role in the historic 1989 Haadyai Peace Accord that witnessed the end […]