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Photo bombed as I was doing my work at Ex Air Thamal 2015. Picture courtesy of Mohd Daim.
Photo bombed as I was doing my work at Ex Air Thamal 2015. Picture courtesy of Mohd Daim.

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  1. What is you guys opinion on this?

    1. Should we replace our c130h in the future wpith c130j or a400m?

    2. Do the rmaf need the small cn235 capability?

  2. @ nihd

    1. We could probably sustain the C-130H hercules for 20 more years. Remember Singapore still has 2 operational C-130B hercules that are 61 years old!!! OTOH i do think that we need at least 2 more A400M to have the flexibility of having at least 4 available at all times. A robust air bridge between east and west malaysia in a conflict scenario sould be a goal for the air force.

    2. Well TUDM CAP55 tells us that they do not need the cn235 capability. Why i think we should convert them to MPAs.

  3. @Nihd
    1. Both C-130 & A400M is needed as they both have different operational usage.

    2. Not necessary but if they needed haul a lighter payload around, CN235 is more economical than C-130.

  4. Nihd,

    Logic dictates that not all taskings will require a C-130 or A400M. If the load is say just a single pallet or a mercy flight; obviously it will be more cost effective to use a CN, assuming one was available.

    In the larger scheme of things to cut down on operational costs and reduce the number of types operated; the RMAF might decide that the CNs can go (CAP55, which of course is not written in stone, doesn’t include them). Things however may change.

    Will be expensive to use a C-130 or A400M for everything. On paper -,assuming they’re no issues we’re unaware of – the CNs can be configured for MPA (enough internal volume as well as range and endurance for our needs). The RMAF might be willing but the government might not however.

    Whether we replace our C-130s with an an all A400M fleet is a question of whether we can afford to do so and whether this is an ideal solution in our scheme of things. Not every tasking will require the internal volume the A400M offers and the A400M is more expensive to maintain compared to the C-130 due to all the computers/systems installed.
    Of course the RMAF never really has a requirement for the A400M in the first place.

    The A400M cost a lot more to operate compared to the Hercules

  5. Off topic

    Spain is selling 10 C-130H (including 5 with air refuelling capability) for USD150 million. They are selling as they ordered too many A400M. They are also trying to sell of quite a number of their ordered A400M. They ordered 27 but only going to use only 14 of the A400M, so the extra 13 is for sale. If not mistaken germany also has 13 extra A400M for sale.

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