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Dutch Upgrading their PC-7s

SHAH ALAM: Dutch Upgrading their PC-7s. As you are aware, the RMAF is scheduled to retire its fleet of Pilatus PC-7 Mk 1 turbo-trainers and its Alouette light helicopters, this year. However, the service have yet to confirm the actual retirement dates though from the look of it, these aircraft […]

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ISR for the Cheap

SHAH ALAM: IN the months after the Lahad Datu incident, Malaysian Defence ran several posts on ISR for the Cheap. Among the possible choices were the armed Cessna Caravan and AT-802 armed crop duster. This was in response to announcements made for the need of better intelligence and firepower. Apparently […]

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Malaysia - RMAF

Mk II in a paddy field

SHAH ALAM: A Pilatus PC-7 Mk II turbo=prop trainer made an emergency landing in a paddy field near Alor Setar, Kedah early this morning. Both crew, Lt Kol Mutalib Abdul Wahab, 46, and Mejar Tan Thian Khim, 34, walked away from the crash. As usual not much information were given […]