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Colt APC to replace Bushmaster M4s. Edited

SHAH ALAM: Colt Advanced Piston Carbine (APC) is set to become the standard assault rifle of the police Special Forces units, the UTK and the VAT69 replacing the Bushmaster M4 carbines. Although some of the units had already purchased other rifles to replace Bushmasters, the contract signed between the Home […]

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New Colt Rifle for the Army

SHAH ALAM: The Army has officially inducted the third firearm from Colt into service, the Colt M4 Carbine R0977 Heavy Barrel. The HB variant will not see widespread service, however, as it was procured specifically for the Army’s shooting team. No numbers are available but it will be around two […]

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Army 82nd Anniversary Demo

A Guest Post by AM PORT DICKSON: The Malaysian Army celebrated its 82nd anniversary at Port Dickson on March 7 with a sea, air and land demonstration that brought together some of the most interesting units in the Malaysian Army and support from the Royal Malaysian Air Force. The Event […]

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Pimping the M4 Carbine

A guest post by Stanman (repost) A Malaysian Perspective Background The Colt M4A1 was selected to replace the Steyr AUGA1 as the standard infantry weapon for the Malaysian Army in the mid-2000s in the aftermath of collapse of the joint venture between SMEO subsidiary Precision Technologies and Steyr-Mannlincher GmbH of […]

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Repost SHAH ALAM: AS I was scouring my directories for sources to find out which yard got the MMEA/APMM NGPC tender, I was informed not to be bothered as the project will be re-tendered. Unfortunately, the people who told me the latest development on the NGPC were unable to give […]