Tentera Darat

MIFVs For the Paras

SHAH ALAM: MIFVs For the Paras. It appears that the Scorpions light tank and Stormer AFV careers with the Army are at the end as the last unit to operate them, the Armor Squadron of 10th Para Brigade is getting seven MIFV K200s. The K200s are armed with the 12.7mm […]

Malaysian Army

Capability Demonstration 4th Mechanised Brigade

SHAH ALAM: Capability Demonstration 4th Mechanised Brigade. Fourth Mechanised Brigade (4th Mech) based at Kuantan, Pahang, hold a capability demonstration parade recently for visiting Third Division Commander Mej. Gen Tengku Muhammad Fauzi Tengku Ibrahim. Tengku Muhammad was promoted as the GOC of the division in late July, he was previously […]