Comfortably Numb, LTAT

SHAH ALAM: The CEO of LTAT (the Armed Forces Provident Fund) Datuk Ahmad Nazim Abdul Rahman in an interview with the Edge business daily has brushed aside the criticism over the LCS project even saying that the ships cost were comparable with the ones bought by Egypt and UAE. The […]

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Egypt Buys Additional Rafales

SHAH ALAM: Egypt buys additional Rafales. Dassault Aviation today announced that the Egypt has decided to purchase 30 additional Rafales for its air force. With the new addition the Egyptian Air Force will operate 54 Rafales in the near future, making it the biggest export user of the multi-role aircraft. […]

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UAE and Egypt to Acquire Mistrals

SHAH ALAM: Egypt and UAE look set to acquire the Russian’s Mistrals. Defense News is reporting that an UAE official confirming their interests in the amphibious ships although he stopped short from saying that the deal was final. The Defense News article backed the story by quoting a Russian newspaper […]