Defence Contract

Black Hawks By Year End

SHAH ALAM: Tim Nukleus Rejimen 882 is expected to take delivery of the two leased Black Hawk helicopters by year end, Malaysian Defence can reveal. The contract for the helicopters is expected to be signed anytime soon or at LIMA 23, at the end of this month. The delivery date […]

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Malaysia -police

PDRM Getting New Helicopters

SHAH ALAM: THE police took delivery of two AW139 medium helicopters at a ceremony at the Leonardo Helicopters plant at Vergiate, Italy, on May 27. The acceptance of the two helicopters were conducted following a Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI). According to a release by PDRM, Amongst those present at the ceremony […]

Malaysian Army

Firepower Exercise 2016

SHAH ALAM: THE Army conducted its annual Firepower Exercise at the Asahan range at the Kem Sirajuddin in Gemas yesterday. The exercise was previously called Firepower Demonstration in the past but this year its designation was changed to better reflect its role as the Army’s main live firing exercise. As […]

Malaysian Army

Army 83rd Birthday

SHAH ALAM: The Army celebrated its 83rd birthday yesterday (March 1) and its obvious its feeling the pain of the current economic downturn though so far the plans announced earlier remained intact. However, the delivery of new assets will be “slowed” down to reflect the challenging fiscal environment. Speaking at […]

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Malaysian Defence

Digital Camo AW109

SHAH ALAM:REMEMBER the AW109 which seemed to be painted in the desert camouflage? Well the helicopter (most likely it was the same one) was seen conducting test flights around Subang this week. And it appears that desert camo turned out to be standard Army digital camouflage. The picture below is […]

Malaysian Army

PUTD AW109 in Desert Camouflage

SHAH ALAM: Air Times – a website concentrating on national issues with strong defence and national security feelers – has published a picture of a PUTD AgustaWestland AW109 being painted in desert camouflage. I contacted Air Times to ask permission to reproduce the picture here and it was duly granted. […]

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Malaysian Army

Arming the AW109s: the Easy Way

SHAH ALAM: THE Philippine Navy (PN) has taken the normal route or the easy way in weaponising or arming its AW109 helicopters unlike our own Malaysian Army. They simply used gun pods which is already certified for the helicopter by the manufacturer. According to a Janes report, the two of […]

Malaysian Army

Army 82nd Anniversary Demo

A Guest Post by AM PORT DICKSON: The Malaysian Army celebrated its 82nd anniversary at Port Dickson on March 7 with a sea, air and land demonstration that brought together some of the most interesting units in the Malaysian Army and support from the Royal Malaysian Air Force. The Event […]

Malaysian Army

Mini-guns and Interim Measures

SHAH ALAM: It was announced in Parliament on Dec 17 that the Government is buying 10 7.62mm M134D mini-guns or Gatling guns and mounts for the Army Air Corps’ AgustaWestland AW109 fleet. The procurement according to Deputy Defence Minister Datuk Abdul Rahim Bakri was an interim measure while the government […]