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Malaysia - RMAF

MRCA Programme, Its Official…

PETALING JAYA: BAE Systems on Tuesday hold a presentation for the media on the Eurofighter Typhoon. As expected not much was revealed about the exact specifications of the proposed RMAF Typhoon but according to its Typhoon director Malaysia Ian Malin, the aircraft for RMAF will have the same specifications as […]

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Malaysia -RMN

Kedah Class: Issues in The Future..

PETALING JAYA: Based on the story below, it appears that the no stack design of the Meko 100/200 series are not that really practical. As I had mentioned earlier Boustead Naval Shipyard, the forerunner of PSC Naval Dockyard, had submitted a smoke stack equipped design for the RMN new frigate […]

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Malaysian Defence

MAS-Air Asia Share Swap: A Golden Opportunity for MAF. Edited

edited to correct the figure of the A330 order. PETALING JAYA: Over the weekend came reports that Tan Sri Tony Fernandes has been given the task to guide Malaysia Airlines (MAS) back into the black. Full details have yet to emerge but Khazanah Malaysia will remain the biggest shareholder with […]

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Planning to Fail

PETALING JAYA: With reference to the news article below, it is my contention that Jalan Padang Tembak is walking on air, literally. How else can one explain the plans to spend more than RM15 billion within the next five years for new arms when the annual budget is only RM11 […]