MRCA: Another Day..

SHAH ALAM: IF someone were to check out the Star website yesterday, it would have been reasonable for him or her to think that the Government was on the verge of deciding on the Multi-Role Combat Aircraft (MRCA) for the Royal Malaysian Air Force.

Alas the report failed to mention that it has been reported on various times – not only in this site – that the decision on the MRCA programme is months away. I understand that the question was prompted by the visit of the French PM to Putrajaya yesterday but next time do you homework please. Of course it was obvious that the Rafale – one of the four contenders for the MRCA programme apart from Typhoon, Super Hornet and Gripen – would have come up in the conversation.

The New Straits Times took a different tack however with Najib stating the obvious. According to Najib, any new purchase would involve budgetary consideration and not be made merely on the country’s future defence requirements. Sheesh, it appears that as I had reported before the MRCA programme has fallen behind the pecking order of things to buy.

Anyhow, a parade is being held today to celebrate Warriors Day. Lets hope money or the lack of it will not be used as an excuse not to arm our warriors with the best weapon available.

–Malaysian Defence

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