Its Rafale for India (update-2)

PETALING JAYA: IT appears Tuesday that India has selected Dassault Rafale for its MMRCA programme.
Based on the news report it also appear that the Rafale was cheaper than Typhoon in this instance. It also appear that India were looking at the life cycle cost in choosing the French plane.

So in the end having sold the Mirage 2000H (with the weapons) had placed Dassault on the front line. That said at least one commentator (Steve Trimble) had said it may not be the final say on the matter.


How is this going to effect our own MRCA programme? I have no idea, at the moment. It will changed the dynamics of course. However, if negotiations between Dassault and India did not reached the conclusion by April next year, it will not much impact here. The state of the Malaysian economy will be the final arbiter of course and the Government of the Day (with the GE in mind).

Statement from BAE Systems


BAE Systems notes that Eurofighter Typhoon has not been assessed as the lowest-priced compliant bidder (L1) by the Indian Ministry of Defence at this stage of the tendering process for the supply of its new Medium Multi-Role Combat Aircraft (MMRCA).

Our partner Cassidian submitted an attractive and competitive proposal to supply Eurofighter Typhoon, the world’s most modern Medium Multi-Role Combat Aircrat available today.

We believe Eurofighter Typhoon offered the best military, industrial and economic solution for India.

We will continue to support the Indian customer and its evaluation process and work with our European partner companies and their respective governments to seek to understand the basis of today’s announcement.

Malaysian Defence

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