Malaysia - RMAF

Have Cake and Eat It Too

SHAH ALAM: Have cake and eat it too. Even as big ticket items procurement have floundered due to funding difficulties, it is at least gratifying to see that the Armed Forces continue to re-stock its armouries and other stuff as well. The amount of items bought from mortar bombs, high […]

Malaysia - RMAF

ISR On The Cheap, Sort Off

SHAH ALAM: The Phillippnes took delivery of two Cessna C-205B Grand Caravan ISR planes from the US on July 28. The two aircraft were gifted as part the US strategy to boost the capacity of its allies to conduct counter-terrorism operations. Apart from the Philippines, four other similar Caravan ISRs […]

Asean and Malaysia

Your Time Is Gonna Come

SHAH ALAM: Your time is gonna come. As we wait for the official decision to put back the old soldier back to work, our neighbour in the north is upgrading its F-5E/Fs so it will be able to continue service past 2030. The Thais is spending some $180 million (RM770 […]

Malaysia - RMAF

Like The Old Soldier

SHAH ALAM: Like the old soldier. Russian state owned news agency reported from Moscow on July 19 that Malaysia had signed an agreement to modernise RMAF Mig-29N Fulcrum fleet. The report Russia, Malaysia Sign Agreement on Modernization of Malaysian MiG-29 Russia and Malaysia have signed an agreement on the renovation […]

Malaysia - RMAF

SLEP For Flankers?

SHAH ALAM: It appears that RMAF is working on a service life extension program (SLEP) for its fleet of Sukhoi Su-30MKM Flanker fighters. The development of the SLEP is being done as part of the 10-year servicing program (10YSP) for Flankers. The development of the SLEP was made public by […]

Malaysia - RMAF

STC For Nuri

SHAH ALAM: RMAF presented the supplemental type certificate (STC) to Airod Sdn Bhd yesterday, marking the official acceptance of the Nuri Upgrade Programme 4. The NUP 4 is the designation for the work to upgrade a single Nuri – M23-37 – with a new digital cockpit. The helicopter itself was […]

Malaysia - RMAF

Two Killed in Hawk Crash

SHAH ALAM: TWO RMAF pilots were killed in the crash of their Hawk Mk 108 trainer during a check flight today. The crash occurred some 51km north of the Kuantan air base. The pilots Major Mohd Hasri “Fixer” Zahari, 31, and Major Yazmi “Caser” Mohamed Yusof, 39, were found 20 […]

Malaysia - RMAF

Publish Or Not To Publish

SHAH ALAM: Publish or not to publish. Dear…. I hope you and your family are doing well in the blessed month of Ramadan. Anyhow, I am writing to you concerning the video. As you are aware some parts of the video was the subject of a posting here late last […]


Extra Allocation For MAF

SHAH ALAM: RMAF and RMN, last week on their official Twitter page, blasted graphics separately announcing their gratitude to the government for providing an extra allocation to the Armed Forces 2017 budget. The extra allocation for the military based on the graphics is RM817.60 million. This means the budget for […]

Malaysia - RMAF

RAAF Poseidon Deployed to Butterworth

SHAH ALAM: A RAAF Boeing P-8A Poseidon MPA has deployed to RMAF Butterworth, marking the type’s first overseas. The deployment was part of Operation Gateway, which provides maritime surveillance patrols in the North Indian Ocean and South China Sea, says the Australian Defense Department on June 7. The department did […]