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Back in The Saddle Again

SHAH ALAM: Back in the saddle again. Back in December 2021, Malaysian Defence posted that the KD Laksamana Muhammad Amin (pennant number 136) was undergoing a refit at the Grade One Marine Shipyard (GOMS) Sdn Bhd near Lumut. As part of the refit, she was getting a new hull to […]

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The Albatros Lives On

SHAH ALAM: The Albatros lives on. The Albatros SAM system has now been superseded by the Albatros NG, the new name for the CAMM-ER SAM system from pan European missile manufacturer. From MBDA Albatros NG is a new CAMM-ER based air defence system for naval applications MBDA has been awarded […]

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Back To The Future III

SHAH ALAM: Back to the future III. In the earlier post Back to the Future I reported that the newly refitted Laksamana class ships did not appear to be equipped with the Gem Electronicca Electro Optical Fire Control System (EOFCS). This was based on the pictures of the ships put […]

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Back To The Future

SHAH ALAM: Back to the future. At DSA 2016 I reported that a contract was signed for a barter trade involving the Otomat missiles and components with eight Electro-Optical Fire Control System (EOFCS) for the 24th Corvette Squadron (the Laksamana class corvettes). Astra Permai Sdn Bhd was given letter of […]

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SLEP for KD Lekiu and KD Jebat

SHAH ALAM: It appears that the SLEP for RMN’s 23 Frigate Squadron – KD Lekiu and KD Jebat – is expected to commence soon. There is yet to be an official announcement about the project but the publication of tenders for the procurement of some systems for both ships is […]

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RMN and Upgrades

Repost SHAH ALAM: AS the RMN is set to celebrate its 81st anniversary on April 27, it appears that the service is in a full blown upgrade mode. At a conference in Singapore earlier in the week, a staff officer gave the full details on the proposed SLEP of the […]

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SGPV Contracts

PETALING JAYA: IT is reported today that Boustead Naval Shipyard has awarded two contracts for its sister companies as part of the SGPV programme. As I had mentioned before updates on the SGPV programme is coming in drips. Fun for BNS of course but not for us the defence junkies! […]

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Laksamanas in the Yard (2004)

KUALA LUMPUR: As mentioned in the comments section of the Aspide Firing Success, Malaysian Defence present the picture of two Laksamanas undergoing maintainance work at the Naval Dockyard in 2004. I cannot recall the names of the two ships in the picture. Furthermore their pennant numbers had also been removed. […]