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Malaysia -RMN

Still in Limbo

SHAH ALAM: Still in Limbo. As the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) celebrated the commissioning of its biggest ship, HMAS Canberra today (Nov 28, 2014), its counterpart, the Royal Malaysian Navy could only watch in envy. There is no way we can or should even try to match Oz militarily, anyways. […]

Malaysia -RMN

PCU Gagah Samudera

SHAH ALAM: RMN’s first 75 metre training ship, pre-commissioning unit Gagah Samudera (loosely translated Sea Power?) was launched and named at the NGV Tech shipyard in Sinjangkang, Selangor, today (Dec 14, 2012). The first of two ship class, pennant number 271, is definitely way much bigger than most of the […]