Exercise Keris Strike 2021

SHAH ALAM: Exercise Keris Strike 2021. The Malaysian military is holding its first face to face exercise with a foreign military – the US Army – locally after a hiatus for almost 18 months due to the coronavirus pandemic. The exercise is of course Keris Strike 2021 being held at […]


Eks Paradise 2021

SHAH ALAM: Eks Paradise 2021. RMAF has embarked on its third major exercise this year with the launch of Eks Paradise 8/2021 at Kuantan airbase yesterday. The exercise will involved most of RMAF aircraft from fighter jets to helicopters as well as units from RMN and the Army. RMAF No. […]

Malaysia - RMAF

No 6 Squadron at Bersama Gold

SHAH ALAM: Np. 6 Squadron at Bersama Gold. It appears that the No. 6 Squadron of the RMAF is the Hawk unit which was sent out a temporary detachment to Kuantan airbase for Bersama Gold 2021. Apart from the No.6 Squadron, the No. 12 Squadron also sent a temporary detachment […]

Malaysian Defence

Typhoons Not In Bersama Gold 2021

SHAH ALAM: Typhoons not in Bersama Gold 2021. Due to Covid 9, RAF Typhoons are not taking part in the latest iteration of the FPDA exercise, Bersama Gold 2021, which was officially launched yesterday. And it is also unlikely the F-35Bs embarked on HMS Queen Elizabeth will also take part […]