Defence Contract

Five Million 9mm Rounds Imported

SHAH ALAM: The police has imported some five million 9mm ball 115 grain rounds from Czech manufacturer, Sellier Bellot, based on a MTO tender published on the Eperolehan website in late February, this year. The MTO tender was awarded to MultiModal Freight Sdn Bhd for a Letter of Award of […]

Defence Contract

Small Arms Ammo For Armed Forces

SHAH ALAM: The Defence Logistics Division of the Armed Forces have issued a slew of quotation notices for the supply of small arms ammunition from live and blank 5.56 rounds; 9mm; 308; 338 and 12.7mm calibres as well as stun grenades for itself, training academy (ALK) and its Special Forces […]

Defence Contract

More MTO Tenders, Ammo and Mortar Bombs

SHAH ALAM: More MTO tenders, small arms ammo and mortar bombs. Back in March, last year, Malaysian Defence reported that the tender for 12.5 million rounds of 5.56mm SS109/M855 ball ammo was awarded to Traumland Sdn Bhd for a contract of RM30.6 million. It is likely that the ammunition is […]

Malaysian Defence

The Truth Is Plain To See

SHAH ALAM: The truth is plain to see. Back in October, last year, the Eperolehan website floated a tender for 12.5 million rounds of 5.56mm SS109/M855 ball ammo. According to the specifications the round 5.56 mm ball shall be used with the following weapons such as follows: Steyr AUG. M16A1/A2. […]