When It Rains

KUALA LUMPUR: When It Rains. Deftech is partnering with Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) to offer the Anka MALE UAV for the Armed Forces. If the deal is approved six Anka UAV and a single ground station will be purchased, initially.

More details is available here (registration required)

A full size mockup of the Anka with RMAF roundels were displayed at DSA 2018

Basically this will be third maritime patroller to be operated by RMAF – together with the CN-235 MPA and the new built MPAs – if and when funding is made available of course. The Anka has an endurance of 24 hours and will be armed.

A scale of model of the Anka at Deftech booth at DSA 2018

I was told that a decision is expected after the general elections. With Turkish Aerospace already offering work for Deftech’s sister company, CTRM Sdn Bhd, the greenlight is almost expected. It must be noted that the Anka’s airframe is fully composite, the kind of stuff that CTRM makes and survives on.
If the Anka deal is signed, more cooperation between Deftech is expected with TAI including the TF-X – the Turkish fighter program and the ATAK A129 attack helicopters.

A full size mock-up of the Anka at TAI’s booth at DSA 2018

It must be noted General Atomics is also offering a PFI deal to Malaysia involving its unarmed Predator XP. With the Trump administration changing its rules regarding armed UAVs to non-Nato countries, General Atomics officials say Malaysia may well get the clearance to buy the armed version of the Predators including the B version in the near future.

— Malaysian Defence

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